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Baruck of Wye |  Lyke of Wye

Baruck of Wye 7004

Baruck of Wye
Baruck of Wye UMF 7004

Baruck has proven to have that rare combination of maternal and carcass traits.

When it comes to reproductive efficiency, Baruck’s daughters, as a group, are as good or better than any sire we’ve ever used. They tend to have fertility and longevity. No surprise, since Baruck is out of the Pathfinder Cow Blackbird of Wye UMF 6277. At one time, we had 16 daughters of Baruck in our herd, more than any other sire.

Baruck turned 12 years old on February 11, 2004. We still used him as a herd sire in the spring of 2002. Sadly, in 2004, arthritis caught up with him, and we had to haul Baruck to the packer. Baruck exemplifies the economic importance of longevity. Because of the number of breeding seasons we used Baruck, the cost per calf of his service was very low. In addition to maternal traits, Baruck was a breed-leading carcass bull. Baruck’s individual carcass EPDs for marbling (+.34), ribeye area (+.59), and reduced fat thickness (-.013) were generally in the top 10 percent of the Angus breed. Baruck had one copy of the GeneSTAR marbling gene, and two copies of the calpastatin tenderness gene.

We bought Baruck at the Wye Angus Sale in 1993. He was tremendously thick and well muscled. Baruck was born on February 11, 1992. He had a birth weight of 86 pounds. He had an adjusted weaning weight of 576 pounds, with a ratio of 108%. He gained 3.7 pounds per day on feed test. He had an adjusted yearling weight of 1134 pounds, with a ratio of 106%.

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Lyke of Wye 7886

Lyke of Wye
Lyke of Wye UMF 7886

We bought Lyke of Wye at the Wye Angus Sale in 1998. We own him jointly with Roseda Farm in Monkton, Maryland. Lyke has some of the highest growth and carcass EPDs of any straight-Wye bull.

Lyke was born on February 6, 1997. He had a birth weight of 76 pounds, and an adjusted weaning weight of 626 pounds, with a ratio of 113%. He gained 3.18 pounds per day on feed test, with a gain ratio of 118%. He had an adjusted yearling weight of 1135 pounds, with a ratio of 115%. The dam of Lyke is a Pathfinder cow and weaned four calves at a 108% ratio before being sold in the Wye sale.

Although we bought Lyke to help perpetuate in our herd the maternal traits of the Wye Angus cattle, he has turned out to have a tremendous combination of calving-ease, growth and carcass traits. Lyke sired the high-marbling bull on test in 2002-03, with a marbling score of 8.47% and a ratio of 156%. Lyke’s sons frequently had the highest average marbling score of all our sire groups on test. That is pretty impressive, considering the high-marbling bulls he has been evaluated against.

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